Waiting For The Sirens

Waiting For The Sirens Call, positively describing it as a composite of Brotherhood, Technique and Get Ready. Those aren't bad choices to influence your sound.

Yahoo! Launch UK & Ireland reports New Order will promote the new album using a revolutionary interactive poster. The posters will beam free song clips, ringtones and wallpapers to customers' cell phones via infra-red or Bluetooth.

Now for the rest:

Somehow the Morning News manages to find some of the best links around. Today they point out a very cool interactive "Name That Tune" web site that allows you to type in the name of just about any band and then play the game.

It only took hearing one song at the Moveable Hype 2.0 show to hook me on Other Passengers. This Saturday there will be another opportunity to see them live. OP, along with Dirty Projectors, Akron/Family and Shot Heard Round the World are playing the Barnard College Radio End of Year Radiothon. The show is at the West End, 2911 Broadway at 113th street. Visit the Other Passengers site for more information.

Music video show New York Noise is hosting a CD release party tonight at Hi-Fi, 9-11 PM with no cover. They will be giving away copies of the CD, a compilation that includes 23 songs from New York bands such as White Magic, Panda Bear, Dirty on Purpose, Palomar, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and a bunch of others. Brooklyn beers are only $2. If you've never been to Hi-Fi, I highly encourage you to check out this event as well as the world's best MP3 jukebox. Hi-Fi is located on 169 Avenue A, between 10th and 11th streets. Go here to learn more about the party and the New York Noise program.

A Brief History of Louis XIV - The Next Bloc Party?

Of course, I'm only joking around with the title of this post, but it's interesting to witness the sudden rise of Louis XIV. They were unknown to me until just a couple weeks ago (Rajeev mentioned them in a shorts post) and then suddenly they're everywhere, including a name-drop in the New York Times and an interview by FREEWilliamsburg.

Today I received a copy of the Illegal Tender EP in the mail from Calvin and it's been on repeat ever since. Many are sure to equate them to Franz Ferdinand, but it's a lazy comparison. Sure both groups are named after historical figures, but that's where the similarities end. While Franz works the Duran Duran groove, I hear more T-Rex in the Louis' trashy guitar stomps. Some of it, like the dueling vocals and chanted choruses on "Illegal Tender" even reminds me of the off-the-cuff anarchy of Art Brut (another band that deserves to blow up someday soon).

Louis XIV play tomorrow night at Sin-e and open for Hot Hot Heat at the Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday. Tickets for both shows are sold out.

To better educate myself, I checked out the band's site and compiled the following timeline from their news postings:

January 15, 2004: "God Killed the Queen" (listen to it here) is added to 91X, a San Diego alternative radio station.

March 1: Brody Dalle of the Distillers describes Louis XIV as "brilliant" and plays "Finding Out True Love is Blind" on BBC radio.

March 25: the band plays SXSW, winning a gold medal on Zane Lowe's BBC radio program, New Meat from SXSW.

June 9: Louis XIV play live on the 91X morning radio show. Download (MP3) an acoustic performance of "Finding Out True Love is Blind" from the program.

June 15: The Blue and Pink EPs are released.

August 26: Louis XIV open for the Killers for eight West Coast shows.

September 29: The band wins the best rock album and album of the year prizes at the San Diego Music Awards.

December 25: Louis XIV release a Christmas tune, entitled "This Christmas". Download (MP3) it here.

January 25, 2005: The Illegal Tender EP is released nationwide. E-Online gives it an "A".

February 11: Louis XIV announce their debut album will be titled The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, to be released March 22.

February 16: Louis XIV join Beck for a Tsunami Benefit concert in Los Angeles.

March 8-9: Louis XIV play sold out shows at Sin-e and the Bowery Ballroom in New York.

March 22: The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is released.